Best Mechanical Keyboards 2020

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We all know that mechanical keyboards are way superior to their membrane counterparts but now we are in a dilemma. Which mechanical keyboard is right for me? In this guide, we will show you the top eight mechanical keyboards out there in 2020, so let’s get straight to it.

mulltiple mechanical keyboards

(1) Corsair K70 – golden standard

Corsair K70 really is the golden standard because of its beautiful design and technical capabilities in this price range. You can press keys faster than ever before because of its halfway actuation point and you don’t have to return the key all the way up. This keyboard comes in many variants but in most cases, it has either red or brown mechanical switches.


Go for the standard first-gen K70, if you don’t care about color customization. You’ll save some money and get the same gaming and typing performance that the K70 RGB offers. But if you are interested in a more detailed review to go here.

(2) Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition

Even though Razer Huntsman comes in many variants, we recommend Tournament Edition (TE) because it’s really something special. Don’t let its size trick you. It may be tiny but it packs a hell of a punch.

razer huntsman TE

This bad boy is equipped with the new Razer Opto-Mechanical switches delivering instant actuation, blazing speed input with zero debounce delay. Every single command you want will be executed instantly as soon as you press the key. Roll over your enemies before they see it coming! Read more…

(3) Drevo Calibur

If you looking for a sleek designed compact wireless keyboard, with dedicated arrow keys, true mechanical switches (red or blue) and nice RGB, then this could be your choice. Especially if you appreciate your clean desk environment more than having a roll of dedicated macro keys.

drevo calibur

Even though this keyboard has a handy Bluetooth connection, we recommend you to use the cable in order to get the best gaming performance. Read more about this keyboard here.

(4) Vulcan 121 Aimo

Straight from ROCCAT, yet another keyboard beast has arrived. The Vulcan is a precision gaming tool that lets you sense its performance from the first glance and the first keystroke. Developed following the renowned principles of German design and engineering, it is the best keyboard ROCCAT has ever built.

roccat vulcan 121

The game-changing Titan Switch, built to last, media keys and much more. Check our detailed review here.

(5) Logitech K840 – clean design

Overall this mechanical keyboard is very interesting, with the nice build quality, except the keycaps could be better. But if you’re one of the people who just don’t like RGB lighting and back-lighting or if you want something that just works and looks like a clean professional working keyboard with nice design, then this is what you should look for.

logitech k840

You can definitely take this to your work office. Read more about this beauty here.

(6) Razer Blackwidow

If you’re looking for a good mechanical keyboard that will last for a long time, with great RGB lighting and classic look, Razer BlackWidow is the right one for you.

razer blackwidow

This baby comes only with Razer green switches but they will certainly make you quick on the trigger. Read more about it here.

(7) Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum, yet another pure masterpiece coming from corsair. It has a premium classic design, looks and feels. Coming with classic good old MX Cherry switches, it won’t disappoint you.

corsair K95 RGB Platinum

In my opinion, this is the ultimate keyboard you will ever want for PC gaming, but it’s on the more expensive side. For this premium build, you will have to spare a few bucks which are totally worth it in my opinion. If you are interested read more here.

(8) Redragon K552

After the most expensive, here, we present you with one of the cheapest gaming mechanical keyboards. It’s famous for Redragon K552. This keyboard packs simple RGB lighting, but most importantly it has reliable mechanical switches for a very low price.

redragon k552

It’s small and compact. Will keep your gaming experience as sharp as possible while being easy to take anywhere on the go.

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