Corsair K70 – golden standard

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Corsair K70 is the inheritor of the popular K60 in terms of the overall concept, but it has some more features, is better looking with full LED-lit keys and has some tricks in the new design as well.

Corsair K70
Corsair K70


  • Quality build
  • Fast
  • USB pass-through


  • not RGB

It has a really solid black anodized aluminum body.

These keyboards are extremely fast, so if you are in gaming and you want to double-tap, you can double-tap faster than anybody, because the actuation point is halfway down and you don’t have to return the key all the way up to the top. Just keep it mashed a little bit with your hands and just smack it down as fast ad you can.

They are great for gaming in the dark, because of 3-level brightness.

New is also per-key adjustable back-lighting, using red LED-s so that you can customize which keys you want to light up, depends on the game you’re playing.

Corsair K70 custom lighting keys
Custom lighting keys

BIOS switch allows reducing the polling rate from 1000Hz to even 125Hz, or even strip it back to a basic BIOS mode, for better compatibility.

There is also a USB pass-through for your additional mouse or headset.

Go for the standard first-gen K70, if you don’t care about color customization. You’ll save some money and get the same gaming and typing performance that the K70 RGB offers. But if you want to check some features from the RGB model, here is our review:

Corsair K70 RGB

This keyboard is most powerful ever made, and not just for gaming, also for anything that requires the execution of macros or other complex functions.

Corsair K70 RGB


  • 16.8 million different colors
  • Hardware is surely a big success
  • This keyboard is one of the most competitive with other manufacturers because of value


  • Software is a little disappointment, because of expectations that they set, and it’s complicated for regular users


  • Using CHERRY® MX Red key switches delivers smooth, linear key response with a wide actuation zone, and there’s no audible click or tactile “bump.”.
  • Hardware switch for polling rates-leave that at the default setting
  • bios mode, which improves compatibility, particularly outside of your OS on older hardware
  • 3 level brightness toggle
  • 5 media keys, windows lock key
  • the classy looking textured metal volume wheel

Tactile characteristics of the red, blue and brown Cherry MX switches that this keyboard is available with, are special. Another desirable side effect is that the LED-s are less susceptible to failure due to static discharge because they are surface mounted in the keyboard.

Software suite

Corsair K70 RGB iCUE software
iCUE software

With this software, on actions editor, you can:

  • Set up foreground lighting effects, and can be switched automatically when certain applications launch
  • With modes, you can choose your own background color for the entire keyboard, or for each key separately
  • Shortcuts – with text input shortcuts you can access your favorite programs with each key
  • Assigning macros to any key – you can set up any key to trigger a macro
  • countdown timers for gamers, mouse dpi for changing mouse movement, and even different lighting effects
  • add a pre-made, user-created profile from this page and use it as yours!

K70 lux

This keyboard gives you everything you could want and you won’t find a better value for your money.

K70 Lux


  • Comes with Cherry MX red, blue, brown and silent switches
  • Larger font keycaps
  • 4 large rubber pads
  • USB pass-through


  • Thick USB cable

Lux version offers Cherry MX red, blue, brown and silent switches, so you can choose between them. If you’re unsure which type of switch to choose, check this guide out.

They came with larger font keycaps which help show off the RGB lighting of this keyboard.

Lightning effects

The most recommended switch for this keyboard is Cherry MX brown, as it gives the tactile feel of blues, but isn’t loud enough to bother you while gaming or streaming.

It contains 4 large rubber pads to ensure your keyboard doesn’t slide over the desk during intense gaming.

K70 RGB MK.2 Low Profile

The second generation is a combination of best from each first-generation keyboard model. And that makes it one of the best keyboards on the market.

Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Low Profile
CORSAIR K70 RGB MK.2 Low Profile


  • New corsair logo
  • Profile button
  • Only 29mm thin


  • Little to expensive

The Corsair logo is now illuminated through a transparent cutaway, and color controlled with iCue software.

Profile button allows you to make the most of the 8MB of onboard memory added with the MK.2 for storing iCUE lighting and macro profiles on to the board.

This keyboard is thinner than traditional 40mm tall K70 RGB, in fact, 29 mm tall which is a little over 1/4 of size smaller!

Corsair K79 RGB MK.2 comparation

Switches are smaller and they are round 1mm versus standard 2mm, and because of that, they are a lot faster. So you can pick between low profile speed switch or low profile red switch.

Corsair K79 RGB MK.2 switches

They came with a set of textured fps and MOBA keycaps, and you can easily remove regular keycaps with a keycap puller and replace them.

Additional keycaps

Also, there is a usual wrist rest, and it’s easy to snap on to the bottom.

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