Drevo Calibur

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Drevo Calibur could be your choice If you looking for a sleek designed compact wireless keyboard, with dedicated arrow keys, true mechanical switches (red or blue) and nice RGB. Especially if you appreciate your clean desk environment more than having a roll of dedicated macro keys.

Drevo Calibur


  • Wireless
  • RGB light effects
  • Compact design
  • Up to 3 devices connected at the same time


  • No dedicated macro keys


Drevo Calibur design

The box comes in a really small package that predicts the compact nature of the keyboard. It comes with instructions, stickers, and promo cards, keycap puller and a braided charging cable.

The case of the keyboard is amazing, with very defined lines and angles. Sides have a clean and smooth finish, and it’s also thinner because of floating key design.


Drevo Calibur black model comes with keycaps are from ABS material, which has high quality and nice texture. White model keycaps come with PBT material keycaps, and they are preferred over ABS because they are stiffer, won’t discolor over time and last longer.

Font of keycaps is a little thinner than usual, but it’s not a bad thing. In fact, I think they are fine and pretty normal. Directional arrow keys are nicely designed and simple as well. These keycaps are the usual size, so you will have no problem replacing them.

They are very comfortable and smooth to type on, especially writing scripts. You can type on a keyboard for hours even without wrist rest.

Switches are more exposed so it’s easier to clean, and that allowing the lights to shine more.


Drevo Calibur connectivity

Drevo Calibur has a micro USB port for connection. You can use your mobile phone micro USB cable to plug in the keyboard. If you don’t want to lose connection with your PC, you should turn off the keyboard before the power of the PC.

The wireless range is about 1.5 meters. But without any objects between device and keyboard, that range could be expanded to 10 meters, depends on device to device.

Bad thing is that if it lost connection, it will type a long string of the same letter or not type anything. That happening especially if the battery is low. But don’t worry about that, because that’s not happening as that often and you don’t even notice it.

Turning on

When you click the switch on keyboard, RGB starting to shine, and because of Bluetooth connection, you can connect the keyboard with any device with Bluetooth connection supported. Storing up to 3 devices, and you can switch between them with Function key + Q, W or E key. For example, if you want to connect with the first device, hold down the Function key and the letter you want to store the device on for 3 seconds. After that letter will blink, and then just pair it up with the chosen device.

You can switch between PCs connected with your keyboard with just one button, and best of all it’s take 2 seconds to do that!…..


Also, a nice feature is that you can connect Calibur to your PS4 via USB cable, but just for typing. It’s also fully compatible with Mac, and if using a USB connection, you can edit prefs keys, or use software like Karabiner to program the keys.


Battery life is mentioned as 20 hours, and charge time less than 2 hours. Also there one battery saving feature, and that was when the keyboard is inactive for 30 seconds, the lighting turns off. Wireless Standby Time is 14 days

Function keys

A big part of function keys is controlled with the function key and navigation cluster in the directional arrow keys. Also, here is a full list of function keys:8.55……

function keys
Function keys

If you have any problems, you can view the User Manual.

There is seven lighting modes plus full backlight mode for those seven modes, you just follow the function keys shortcuts below:

lighting effects

Here are some nice effects you can try for yourself:


It’s one of the most competitively-priced keyboards,and have a pretty amazing price for what you are getting.

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