Cleaning a computer keyboard

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Cleaning a computer keyboard

Cleaning a computer keyboard is a main task to prevent consequences. Your PC’s keyboard may have its own alien ecosystem growing in the dark recesses beneath the keys. Dirt and dust coat the keys and build up underneath. Sometimes the accumulated mixture of spilled drinks and crumbs can stop keys from working altogether.

Before starting, determine whether or not you have got a mechanical or a membrane keyboard. Some boards still use a mechanical equipment underneath the keys, which creates a distinct click on when keys are pressed. But most keyboards these days use hard-contact keys that connect to a plastic membrane. This is guide for membrane keyboards, but if you have a mechanical keyboard, check this out.

Othervise, pick method from the list below.

Post-It note hack

Cleaning a computer keyboard post-it

Cleaning a computer keyboard is possible with Post-It! Simply take a Post-It and run it between the keys. We suggest folding the sticky strip in half so it can collect any crumbs and dust that are lingering on both sides. The sticky part will pick up all sorts of particles that have settled down in there. Depending on how long it’s been since a cleaning – and how dirty your environment is – you may be able to get through the whole keyboard with just one, or you could be yanking several notes off your pad. In any case, it’s good to get that stuff up before it settles in underneath the keys!

For cosmetics look is this one:

Anti-static spray

Use an anti-static spray and thick paper towels. They leave some lint, so finish with a wipe with a microfiber cloth. Don’t take the keys off, just clean each carefully.You can see difference on this picture:

Cleaning a computer keyboard before after

Sticky clean glue gel keyboard cleaner

A jelly compound is a material that is often used for cleaning keyboards because it conforms to the small spaces and attracts dirt and debris stuck down in your keyboard
Does not leave residues, keeps your hands clean, has a proven disinfecting action.
Be careful not to use a compound that is too sticky, as this could result in residue being transferred to your keyboard that negates the whole point of cleaning it in the first place.

If you have more time,check out these methods:

Removing dirt, dust, and debris

  • The first thing you want to do is turn the keyboard off or disconnect it from the computer before cleaning, because you don’t want to accidentally erase something .
  • Turn the keyboard upside down to shake out loose debris. Flip your keyboard and knock off as much loose debris as possible. Be gentle when shaking the keyboard.

1.Compressed air can

If you want to really give between those keys a thorough cleaning, a blast from a can of compressed air can do wonders. Compressed air is your most reliable tool for general cleaning. Hold the canister at a 45-degree angle while pointing it at the keys or you’ll end up discharging refrigerant. Sweep the nozzle across the keyboard while letting out controlled bursts of air. try holding it as you blow it out.

2.USB dust vacuum

Use a dust vacuum to sweep up hard to remove debris. The suction power from a dust vacuum lifts away most stubborn debris stuck between the keys. If you don’t have a dust vacuum with a hose, try using a regular vacuum with a brush attachment. Go over the entire keyboard, focusing particularly in the areas around the keys. Most of the tough debris gets wedged in there

Removing Grease, sticky spills, water marks

1.Isopropyl alcohol

  • Unplug or turn off your keyboard
  • Clean around the keys with a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). You may need to use multiple swabs, depending on the amount of dirt. Be cautious when working on a laptop. Isopropyl alcohol is still a great cleaning choice, but the laptop’s delicate hardware is right underneath the keyboard. Don’t let moisture drip underneath the keys.
  • You can also use cloth dampened in isopropyl alcohol. Take a lint free cloth and dip it into some isopropyl alcohol, nail polish remover, or similar. Line the cloth up with the gap between your keys and rub it through them a few times, always moving in the same direction.

How to prevent your keyboard from disaster?

Be regular. Frequency is key. Just like when it comes to brushing your teeth, the more often you clean your keyboard, the less likely it is to accumulate dirt and debris. With such periodic cleaning, your keyboard will stay relatively germ-free and appear brand-new. But if your keyboard looks more like a hazardous-waste zone, you can do a more thorough industrial-strength cleaning.

Few Cleaning Don’ts

1 Don’t eat while using it-the most obvious advice is to simply not eat around your keyboard.It is important to keep food and drinks away from your keyboard to prevent liquid spills and a build-up of gunk.

2.Don’t try to remove keys from the keyboard to wash them by hand — especially if you’re using a laptop.

3.Don’t put your keyboard in the dishwasher,unless you did all other methods without any success.

4.Don’t smoke around it.

5.Don’t allow pets around it as pet hair can get between keys – yes, that means stopping your little friend from using your keyboard as a bed like this one on the picture:

6.Don’t try to clean the keyboard using steel wool, cleaning sponges or spray-on lime and calcium removers — unless you plan to test your memory once all the letters come off the keys.


Cleaning a computer keyboard can be prevented with keyboard cover, keeping crumbs from entering your keys. They feel slightly strange to the touch at first while typing, but they’re easy to get used to.

If your keyboard gets dirty too quickly, consider buying a waterproof and easier to clean model (you don’t have to be so careful).

When to clean your keyboard

Research by University of Arizona found that the average desktop has 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat.

UV light showing bacteria on keyboard

Most microbiologists agree that everyone should wipe down their desk and keyboard at least once a week.

So don’t be lazy, and get to work!