Logitech G513 review

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Logitech G513 looks stunning with minimalist design, very quality builds, comfortable memory foam palm rest and smooth Romer-G Linear switches.

Logitech G513


  • Minimalistic design
  • USB pass-trough
  • capable routing points
  • New Romer-G switches
  • LIGHTSYNC RGB lighting


  • No dedicated programmable buttons

A First look

Logitech G513 mechanical gaming keyboard is the exact same replica of the G413, except it comes with RGB lighting, new mechanical switch and a few other features which I’ll mention later.

Box comes with:

  • Gaming keyboard
  • Memory foam palm rest
  • Gaming keycaps
  • Keycap puller
  • User documentation
Logitech G513 box
In the box

You get a replacement set for the QWERASD keys as well as numbers. These five keys give you more grip as well as a deeper groove in order to make the keyboard a little bit more competitive.

Logitech G513 keycaps
Regular vs replacement keycaps


Logitech G513 has a very minimalistic design. There isn’t a lot of extra macro buttons or anything like that, because most gamers want something simple and easy to use and this is what the 513 definitely delivers.

This keyboard is crafted from strong and durable 5052 aluminum-magnesium alloy. Build quality is very similar to the G413, which allows for both a minimalistic design and a nice aesthetic. It’s bordered with a solid piece of brushed aluminum on top of the plastic chassis which complements rigidity so it’s very durable.

It also includes a single USB 2.0 pass-through port at the back for plugging in any USB power devices. For example, a wireless receiver for your gaming mouse, to plug in external drives or to charge your mobile phone. This port requires more flow to fully function by itself, and because of that, the nonremovable cable is braided and thick.

Logitech G513 USB pass-through
USB pass-through

The included memory foam wrist rest is a welcoming addition and it’s really nice to type and gaming with it. Overall, the G513 has a compact nature and nice ergonomics. The wrist rest is made out of leather so it’s comfortable and soft. Nice thing is that it is also sweatproof and waterproof. It doesn’t attach to the keyboard which is actually a good thing, because you can re-position the rest as you want, plus the bottom comes with adequate overfeed so it stays stationary regardless.

Memory foam for premium comfort

The bottom of the keyboard also features 6 bottom-mounted rubber feet to prevent unnecessary movement, and it also comes with angle adjustments. Also, they’ve carefully implemented capable routing points for headphones or mouse. The bad thing is the lack of including dedicated media playback buttons.


Logitech G513 switches are the new thing. You can choose from three distinct mechanical switches: Romer-G Tactile, Romer-G Linear, and GX Blue.

Choose your Romer-G switch

Logitech has announced a new type of switch called the ‘linear’, they’ve renamed the original switches from Romer-G to Romer-G tactile and the primary difference is their feedback. With these new linear switches, you’re getting smoother and more fluid keystroke experience, compared to the tactile response of originals. So there is no more tactile bump with these new linear switches. They now have 1.5-millimeter actuation distance, with 3.2 millimeters of total travel, while activation is 45 grams. These switches are very quick to respond and very light to actuate. Therefore, the fingers get less tired, and the lift-off force is also non-existent.

Also, this keyboard comes with GX Blue, which has an iconic design and providing both tactile and clicky feedback with snappy actuation you can hear and feel. All switches are tested for a 70 million click lifespan, so it’s a very reliable and durable keyboard.


Logitech was always excellent in the software department, first, there is a physical overview of the keyboard. You can hit the function inverse toggle if you’d like to assign the integrated media playback buttons as primary. Also, you can customize macro commands to the function keys through F12. Logitech programmed a handful of commands that users can take advantage of, and you also have the option to create profiles as well. You can customize the lighting effects and sync the RGB lighting across the rest of your Logitech peripherals, including the Logitech G560 speakers with light sync.

Logitech G HUB 

There aren’t any dedicated programmable buttons on the G513, similar to G413, but the user can program the function keys with their desired macros to Logitech’s gaming software.

Playback buttons are integrated within the function keys but if you use Logitech G HUB software you can inverse switch the function keys. The only thing you lose is that function key as primary. For example, if you want to use F10 you have to remember to hit a function button and then F10, not instantly F10. You can also toggle game mode with FN+F8, and deactivate additional keys using Logitech G HUB.

RGB lighting

Logitech G513 has the option to customize every key with approximately 16.8 M colors. RGB lighting looks stunning. It doesn’t spill across the frame as some other gaming keyboards and because of Romer-G switch design, there is consistent lighting across the board. So It looks minimalistic and simple. There are a variety of effects where you can adjust the speed and direction. There’s also a keystroke effect on implemented dedicated keys from F5 to F8 that controls the effects, the direction and the brightness along with the G key to disable the Windows key. Also, you can choose which key to light up, for example, keys you need to light up for each game.


Logitech G513 is also sync-compatible, so if you have the G560 gaming speakers featuring light sync technology you can sync the lighting across the keyboard, and also rest of the peripherals. You can do that with some programs like audio visualizer or screen sampler.


Comfortability and ergonomics are one of the main selling features of this keyboard. But, the price might be a barrier for some buyers, even though you won’t regret it if you buy G513 with all these benefits.

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