Logitech K840 – clean design

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Logitech K840 is very interesting, with the nice build quality, except the keycaps could be better. But if you’re one of the people who just don’t like RGB lighting and back-lighting or if you want something that just works and looks like a clean professional working keyboard with nice design, then this is what you should look for.

Logitech K840


  • clean design
  • high-quality build
  • good value
  • Romer-G switches


  • non-braided USB cable

A First look

Logitech has a new keyboard that they’re hoping will attract general typists. It is designed more for offices so it has less of a gamer look and it’s very minimalist in its design and very well built. It’s not too heavy, with nice clicking keyboard sound along with a really nice tactile feedback as you’re typing. They are bringing to us a mechanical keyboard typing experience without RGB and gaming style mechanical keyboards with Romer-G switches.


Logitech K840 build quality is superb with the solid anodized aluminum backplate in a plastic body. It does do a really nice job while presenting itself as something to get work done, but not being overly usual and boring. It’s a very durable construction, designed to tackle demanding projects. The color scheme is neutral with this silver backing and dark grey keycaps in the dark gray body, but it’s very winsome to people who just want something very occasional.

One of the greatest features is the awesome 5 non-slip pads all separate in quadrants of the keyboard. That’s keeping the keyboard from moving around on the desk. There are also two very solid flip-out feet that come out at aside angle on a desk, which can crop the keyboard up a little bit to get the keys position better. The cable is a normal non-detachable USB cable with no braiding. The only bad thing about that is the cable should be braided, for durability.

If you have a setup that is grey or metallic then I highly recommend this model. It also fits well with the Mac setup.


Logitech K840 keycaps

Logitech K840 keycaps are designed for office, so the font is nice and clean. They are from usual ABS plastic, which is okay, but they are not double shot, because of lack of back-lighting on it, but the issue with that is the keycaps are going to start to wear down over time. The bad thing for these keycaps is that they will start wearing away before the switches are near their end-of-life. And the keyboard will start looking very muddy and worn out over time. They should consider having etched in keycaps, which will make this keyboard last a lot longer than what you’re offering is at this moment.


The mechanical keys are really nice to type on. Great thing is that they aren’t overly sensitive or springy, so you get nice tactile feedback without extra sensitivity that will throw you off while you’re typing. You can type pretty accurately with it even though the keystroke is a little more narrow. Also, they have a nice curve to them so your fingers will find their way. There’s a nice amount of key travel and tactile feedback, because when you pushing down, a key really goes down, and it’s not too noisy either.

Romer G switches

Romer-G switches aren’t typical mechanical keyboard switch, because they use a spring design instead of the normal mechanical switch. They are popular on Logitech keyboards because they use it on most of their keyboards, especially on their gaming keyboards. But in this keyboard, you are getting less gaming experience and more of something that can get work done, and look stylish and clean while doing it. They are very durable, tested for over 70 million strokes for long-lasting reliability.

Those Romer-G switches can be compared to brown’s and red’s, and they are like a red-brown hybrid. It’s not very loud or tactile at all. Except, the space bar is much louder, making all kinds of noise on every keypress. They are also tactile compared to the other switches. Overall Romer-G’s have a brown-red feel because they’re not as linear as reds, but they feel much like browns with a tactile bump. But they are way better than any membrane mechanical keyboard out there. If you want to know the difference between switches, check this out.


Logitech options

The software is called ‘Logitech options’, and it’s not required to use, it is just for basic things. You can change what first five function keys do and key reassignments. But, if you went up to that $10 upcharge on the backlit gaming keyboard you’ll have a lot more functionality like macros and a whole bunch of other stuff.


Logitech K840 does a really good job of delivering what you want at a decent cost. Having something like this on the market can be very appealing for people who want their typists in an office environment to have a better typing experience. And if you are looking for a basic keyboard and don’t need the backlighting this is probably the least expensive mechanical keyboard Logitech make with a number pad on it. Also, this keyboard hasn’t got backlighting.

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