Mechanical vs membrane keyboard. Which one is right for you?

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Mechanical  keyboard vs membrane keyboard

There are a lot of different types of keyboard out there on the market from all kinds of companies and today we are going to determine which one is the perfect keyboard type for you! I have experience in gaming, coding and speed typing which all require a lot of button clicking and each of those disciplines require different type of keyboard to be able to perform at your best. We will go trough pros and cons of two main types of keyboards and help you chose the one.

What is a membrane keyboard?

A membrane keyboard has, as the name suggests, membrane domes also know as rubber domes. These are the most used keys and you can find them on budget keyboards, laptops or any controller you might have.

The membrane keys rely on rubber domes to send signal to your computer. You need to push the keys all the way to the bottom in order to complete the circuit on your keyboard which will then send contact further to your computer. Most of these keyboards can detect very limited number of key presses at the same time so you might experience “ghosting” in that sense that your key press doesn’t register. This simple constructions allows membrane keys to be manufactured very cheaply in large quantities which implies that these keyboards are budget friendly

membrane keyboard


  • Quiet
    If you have some moody coworkers or you are in the middle of a streaming session, people will be thankful.
  • Light weight
    When it comes to the ring measurements this is the lightest category. It’s easily portable.
  • Price tag
    Due to cheap manufacturing price they are extremely budget friendly.


  • Typing feels
    Doesn’t feel solid and reliable under fingers, especially while speed typing.
  • Key register
    Since you need to press keys all the way down, it might happen not to be registered which happens more with speed typists.
  • Cleaning
    Pretty hard to clean from all the dust that collects underneath the keycaps, since they are very hard to remove often impossible.

What is a mechanical keyboard?

Mechanical keyboards use switches to send signal to a computer, which have faster response then rubber domes. There are multiple kinds of switches out there with different quirks and features. Most common are red, blue, brown, etc. To find more about specifics of each switch go here. Mechanical keyboard offer a lot more customization and room to play around.

mechanical keyboard


  • Removable keycaps
    If you need to change your keycaps for any reason it can’t get any easier then with mechanical keyboards.
  • Durability
    Once you get your mechanical keyboard, unless you get bored with it, you won’t need to change it.
  • Typing feels
    Tactile feel while typing gives reliable physical response of key press, also you don’t have to press the key all the way to the end,
  • Heavy
    It doesn’t move around in the heat of the combat or fast typing.


  • Price
    More expensive then membrane keyboards.
  • Loud
    Can get loud, but there are alternative silent switch types.
  • DIY skills for customization
    You may want to add a personal touch to your keyboard which will require you to know a thing or two.

Which keyboard type is right for you?

As we have talked about each keyboard type has it’s ups and downs. But you should be able to determine which one is more suitable for you.

If you don’t use keyboard a lot, don’t care about quality or use it with home theater, tablet, laptop or you are tight on the budget, just go for cheap quiet membrane keyboard. It will perfectly match your needs.

But, on the other hand, if you are a heavy keyboard user, you write a lot of articles, gaming or especially competing in fast typing and can afford to spend a bit more on a keyboard, definitely go for mechanical keyboard. You won’t regret it. Check our guide for choosing optimal mechanical keyboard switches that are right for you here.

For more details about general information check out wiki.