Royal kludge RK61 – wireless dwarf

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Royal Kludge is a new Chinese company on the horizon battling for its place on the market. And it comes with a boom.
Royal Kludge RK61 is a wireless mechanical keyboard that is very compact and easy to use, and as a cherry on top, it has very nice RGB lighting. It’s available with either RK brown or red switches.

Royal kludge RK61


  • small, easy to carry around
  • connectivity
  • mechanical, RGB


  • lack of keys


The packaging is not anything special, the box is a very simple design, and once opened the
customer will find the keyboard sitting in a protective sheet, which is protecting the
keyboard from damage during transport. Inside the box except for the keyboard, you can find
the following: MicroUSB cable (for connectivity and charging ), user manual, keycap
remover ( only for RGB versions ) and a quality confirmation card.


At first sight, it may seem challenging because of all the buttons you may need to press just to do one thing, but as this is only 61 key keyboard it is expected to be like that. This keyboard is very elegant and compact with literally no place wasted which makes it look overwhelming at first, but when you get used to all the commands it has you will enjoy its elegant look with RGB lighting. The RK61 comes in 2 colors, black base with black keys with orange/golden RGB light, and white base with white keys followed by light blue RGB

Special features

Royal Kludge RK61 has few features that set it apart from its competitors. The most popular feature is its connectivity. RK61 can connect with 3 different devices via Bluetooth at the same time, and switching between devices is very simple. This is very useful for those that have few devices and want to use all of them at the same time without them having to buy a new keyboard for each device, and also for those that have to type long texts on their cell phone.

It comes with a built-in switch for the RGB lighting as expected. You can choose between 17 different RGB lighting effects so you will never get bored. Every command can be easily accessed and it is not complicated to use.

The battery lasts 10 hours while using it, or 360 hours idle. It takes 3 hours to completely charge the battery with MicroUSB cable that came with the keyboard. You are able to use the device while it is charging in wired mode. While charging red light will shine next to the spacebar and you can not turn it off, which is slightly annoying because of the RGB lighting.

Royal Kludge 61


This keyboard is not made with gamers in mind as it has Bluetooth input delay, and connecting it with wire just to get rid of the input delay does not make sense as there are other keyboards dedicated to gaming in this price range. Just to be clear, you won’t even notice this delay, but in a professional gaming environment, players are taking any advantage they can. It’s also the lack of keys that’s not ideal for gamers. If you are looking for something like this check out our top picks for gaming keyboards.

This keyboard was made for those that travel a lot and want a keyboard that can be connected wireless and does not take a lot of space so it can be carried anywhere. People that use multiple setups can find this very useful as they do not need to spend money on three different keyboards but just one, and it takes a lot less space than having three separate keyboards.

For its price of 40$-60$ it is very cheap for what you get. This keyboard is great if you are looking for wireless connection and pretty much anything but competitive gaming.

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